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Metahuman: a new world of characters.


Unreal Engine’s Metahumans are a virtual version of us, humans. Through Metahuman Creator you can create your own avatar. Furthermore, the tools are completely intuitive.

Due to the use of scanned data from the real world, the avatars are as close to reality as possible. Also, it is possible to use different types of skin tones, hair and physical characteristics that help in the authenticity of the creation.

But, how can you create your Unreal Engine metahuman?

Follow this article until the end to know the answer to these and many other questions. Ready? Let ‘s go!

What is Unreal Engine’s Metahuman?

Metahuman is a framework capable of creating realistic virtual avatars based on us human beings. The program works through real data from human beings with vast possibilities for creation.

Also, the system works through Metahuman Creator, a free and cloud-based app that is the basis for character creation. Through this app, you can explore the numerous tools and updates available.

In addition, this program promises to be intuitive and “easy to learn”. In other words, in a few minutes you will know how to use the platform to create, who knows, an entire city and virtual people.

But, how to access the metahumans?

The framework is directly associated with Epic Games, through which you can create and work on your avatars, in addition to keeping them in a gallery.

Benefits behind Unreal Engine’s metahuman

Easy and fun: The platform promises to be a fun, easy and intuitive process to create your metahuman. Additionally, you can refine your character using the creation app’s tools, guides, and updates.

Extremely variable: it is possible to choose between infinite possibilities of skin tones, hair, eyes, bodies and even teeth.

Totally realistic: as we mentioned in the article, the creation of metahumans is based on real data from real people. This makes the graphics of the characters even closer to reality.

Ready in real time: Your creations are ready instantly, and each update is done in real time.

What do you need to access the Metahuman Creator System?

Metahuman creator is where the magic happens. That’s where you’ll create your realistic avatars.

The platform runs in the cloud and connects to your browser through pixel streaming technology. To use creator system, your computer needs to meet certain requirements:

  • Windows or macOS operating system.
  • Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari-based web browser.
  • Internet access.

Additionally, an Epic Games account is required to create and download the metahuman. And that’s exactly why you can work on creating avatars through a browser or computer.

Accessing the Metahuman Creator

To create or access your metahuman creator account, follow these steps:

Sign up for access to MetaHuman Creator here.

Access MetaHuman Creator here.

When creating your metahuman, you will be able to choose between the latest version of metahuman creator or the original. The most current version has the latest features and updates recommended for building.

Create your own unreal engine metahuman

Now, let’s see how you can create your Unreal Engine metahuman.

  1. Access MetaHuman Creator and sign in with your Epic Games account.
  2. Click Launch Latest MetaHuman Creator.
  3. Click the Create button to open the Presets gallery.
  4. Select a Preset from the gallery. The viewport on the right will display a preview animation of the Preset you selected.
  5. Click the Create Selected button.


In this article, you saw what an unreal engine metahuman is and how you can go about creating your own right now.

And if you liked this content, take the opportunity to check out other articles on our blog with similar themes. I’ll see you there!

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